Finding A Great Roofing Repair Company

“Complete Signal lost” This happened right in the middle of my soap opera. I waited and waited for the tv. to come back on. After twenty minutes, I unplugged my box for a few seconds. When I turned the box back on after I searched it still read, “Complete Signal Lost.”

I went outside and looked at the satellite receiver on the roof. Drat! Thee was leaves over the eye. I went upstairs and climbed out on my roof. I noticed a few loose shingles as I moved slowly towards my satellite receiver. Suddenly my foot went through the roof. Looks like I needed Houston roof repair and quick.

I very carefully crawled back in my window after cleaning the leaves from my satellite receiver. I let my box load as I searched for a local roofing companies. I chose one that was close by. I dialed the number and a lady come on the line giving the name of their line of roofing companies and asking what she could do to help me. I said, “I needs some roofing done.” and explained what had happen. She said she’d have someone out to check my roof that evening.

In about two hours I heard someone pull into my driveway. A truck with the companies name and logo on it was setting in my drive. A man got out and come to meet me. He told me his name and showed me a picture ID. This made me feel safe because as a woman living alone I was nice to be reassured that I was dealing with a real employee of the roofing repair company.

Houston Roof RepairHe had brought a ladder and he climbed up to my roof. “Be careful.” I said. I was a bit nervous after my little accident. He looked at the lose shingles and raised them up and looked under them.

When he came back down he said, “You have a bit of rot in the sheeting underneath the lose shingles but there isn’t any rafters near which is good.” He looked at a note pad he had in the truck. “Looking at the material we’ll need for your roofing repair and estimating the time and labor it will take. ” The estimate for the repair of the roof was a lot less than I had feared.

They come to do the roofing job in three days. I appreciated how quick they did the roofing job. They matched the color of my old shingles even though they were faded by time over the years. They consulted me ever step of the way. After tearing the so up where the rot was they found a few signs of termites and advised me to get hem sprayed because where here are a few termites, they said hey were usually a lot more. They said if I got the house sprayed it might save me from having other repairs. They did a great job repairing my roof and even trimmed the branch that was dropping leaves o my satellite receiver.

They were very professional and friendly. They fixed my roof before the fall rains and the price was reasonable. If I need to repair my roof again I will certainly give them a call. If any one asks I’ll recommend their roofing companies to my friends. In this world, today, it’s not often you find someone that does a good job, going above and beyond what they need to do. I was lucky to find them.